Monday, December 28, 2009

The Plan

I don't usually like the resolutions that come along with the new year, but I know that I need to do something about the stress that has permeated my life in 2009.  I decided to break it into three groups. The Plan has three main areas with goals in each category.  Some goals are very specific and some are more general.  I wanted something that addressed the sources of stress over the past year, but was simple enough to keep in mind as I go about every day life.

Physical Health
 - lose and keep off the rest of the baby weight
 - Take vitamins!
 - Become more active
 - Yoga
 - Finish dental work
 - Follow-up with breast surgeon

Mental Well Being
 - Ask for help when I need it (laundry, dishes, general tasks)
 - Simplify (Throw things AWAY)
 - Read
 - Make more of an effort to connect with people

 - Save more, waste less

 - Plan a weekend get-a-way with girlfriends
 - Make an effort to spend more alone time with M
 - Find a babysitter other than my parents
 - Complain less
 - Become a better friend
 - Become a better writer
 - Become a better photographer

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